Who We Are

Two guys who care about fixing your spindle the right way.

Jeff and Bill met at the Oregon Institute of Technology, where they earned Machining and Manufacturing Engineering degrees. Both of them went to work for Tektronix right out of school just before the end of the giant. Jeff started grinding ceramics with Willbanks Coors Tek and Bill worked as a machine tool builder at Climax Portable Machine Tools. By happenstance, they were at the same spindle shop when the Master, the one and only Bill Browning of REB Bearing fame, was retiring. Together they purchased the company and in 1993 became small business owners.

Now they fix every type of spindle, from little 5-inch long glass grinders to big 1700-lbs sub spindles sent to them from the world famous CNC centers. Everything they work on is as important to them as it is to the guy who depends on machines for a living. Jeff sources parts and bearings from around the globe. Bill fits them together until they are so balanced that when they run at full speed you can stand a nickel on edge.

In the past 23 years, they have met some amazing people that make this country the best at manufacturing. Join them in getting your spindle perfected by C & M Precision Spindle.