Happy and Prosperous New Year!

We are on the verge of new adventures with several custom design units being built and past custom units in for their first repair. Fadals have slowed down to a “me too” range. They were in here at 5 a week then our friend in Boise Idaho CNC Pros started making them new and he has a great supply now. We still do these with great success and we improve them by adding a gum slinger to get longer life. Currently, we have a lot of routers in that make custom counter tops or plastic clean room parts. So buy countertops and electronics :{)

We get the usual questions about a noise in a spindle and what it could mean. So here are a few thoughts:

– Intermittent squealing = Contamination, usually chips forced into front labyrinth by coolant or air hose.

– Growling…low and mean = Back door left open and wolf entered to eat your lunch. Or… spindle seized and the motor can’t rotate. It will soon be notifying you by smoke signal.

– High pitch above 10,000 rpm =  bearings on the way to scrap pile. Stop now before your shaft will need grind plate grind just to get back to nominal.

– Tick Tick at low speed =  contamination or a dent of some disorder. Also could be too close to the time clock.

If, someone else of course, were to strike your spindle to say … tighten a tool holder. And they use a hard hammer as opposed to a dead blow. They can brinell your bearings. This will start the degrading that will be a matter of time before we meet. Treat them special and with care because they make your fortune.

Thought on MAINTENANCE .  Your nice truck in the parking lot gets its oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles. It just gets you to the shop. When is the last time you changed to oil in that machine that makes your truck payment?  Look in the bottom of those reservoirs. Heck, look at the top of the breather on that reservoir!  We can all do better trust me, I have the same issues.

Thanks for reading this through. Hope it saves you a ton.

Gratefully yours,

Bill Murphy

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