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For the general spindle, the temperature should be 30 degrees over room Temp when running full speed. Make sure you are measuring with a good  temp gauage. If you can measure it you can Manage it, as the saying goes. No sounds like squealing or rumblling and especialy no screaching. All those mean its gonna run into money and time.

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  1. zzz Jim Rallo

    I am in my 45th year of precision grinding, and 38th year of machinery repair.

    Passing these along,……..

    “Placing your hand on the spindle housing,… if it’s uncomfortable for your hand,… it’s running too hot”

    “Never over tighten a drive belt in an effort to stop it from slipping”

    Clean everything 100%, if it’s a Vee belt, inspect it, (them), often replacement is the cure.
    It isn’t “tension” that keeps a Vee belt from slipping, it’s the Vee, the wedge effect, that keeps it from slipping.

    For a flat belt,….. more “tension” is never the answer,… clean everything 100%, get things going with moderate tension.
    While jogging / running the unit, carefully apply “Bow Rosin”, (local music store), to the belt.
    Works 100%

    “More spindles have been damaged by over tension of the drive belt / belts than all other reasons combined”

    Contamination by oil / coolant is often the culprit.
    Find the source and put an end to it.

    Leaking spindle seal, oil / coolant mist, are among the most common causes.

    • zzz Bill Murphy

      Hey Jim That was great.
      Always good to hear from another spindle guy.
      I know very few that are left.
      Thanks for your thoughts.
      Bill Murphy


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