Dynamic Balancing

C & M Precision Spindle offers Dynamic Balancing

Balance is often overlooked in machines, but it is so critical above 4,000 RPM. C & M Precision Spindle literally stands beside their work when it’s getting balanced, so it has to be perfect. Our standard is .1-mil. or less. Customers notice a difference when they have their spindle balanced with us because it’s so quiet and smooth.

Watch Bill’s Nickel Test on the right to see how smooth a balanced spindle going at full speed should look like.

If you have any issues, try cleaning the spindle first, it may just be build up. However, if you are still having problems, call us and we will smooth it out. It takes very little to mess up the balance of some of these precision machines. Although it can be expensive to bring us out, it’s priceless to have a perfectly balanced spindle.

Need an Estimate for your Dynamic Balance?

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