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When a spindle shows up at our dock, we treat it as our own. We make sure the spindles we receive go back to you in better shape than before. It takes years of experience and knowledge to truly recognize faults and restore spindles back to top functionality. That’s what we have here at C&M, the ability to take care of your spindles and your machines back up and running as soon as possible. These are the steps we take in our shop to make sure your spindles are looked after properly.



Once your spindle reaches us, we immediately take notes and document the entire process. We take detailed photos and ensure that there is proper documentation that goes with the spindle. We have an organized system so we can track each spindle that comes in and their progress through our own repair process. Each spindle is carefully taken out of its shipping container and we preserve the shipping container so that your spindle comes back to you the same way it came in, except now it’s working.


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Once we have inspected the package and spindle, we get right into the pre-cleaning process. We know things get hectic when a machine stops working, so you may not have time to clean your spindle before shipping. Even if you do (which we appreciate) we make sure to give your spindle a solid overall cleaning so that we can evaluate and test the spindle for faults without worrying about dirt or grime. That way there’s less to clean later, and we can handle your spindle with more care.


After careful inspection, we disassemble your spindle with meticulous care. We take the time to mark exactly how each part fits onto the spindle so that we can return it back to you in the same way it came, with the important difference of it working better than ever. We organize the way we disassemble so that it makes the process to re-assemble later on, that much easier.


Once the spindle has undergone an acceptable cleaning, we take careful measures to inspect the spindle for any visible damage. This can range from corrosion to brinelling in the bearings to excessive amounts of grease buildup. From here we can work on determining what made your spindle fail. This can also include testing the run-in on the spindle








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