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Fanuc produces a variety of different spindles for many applications and industries. They also produce an assortment of servo motors, which we also repair If you have a Servo motor down. Motor City Machine Tool has a lot of experience repairing Fanuc spindles and servo motors for all types of applications. We are more than equipped to repair your machine, with a dedicated staff of trained professionals and top of the line equipment for machining, rebuilding and testing. Please fill out an online form or give us a call to speak with a representative about getting your Fanuc repaired today.

The ROBODRILL line of Fanuc spindles is one that not many spindle repair companies are comfortable with repairing. We however, have repaired many different models of Fanuc ROBODRILL spindles, and are able to do it with precision and speed. Our pricing is very affordable compared to our competitors, who often charge a premium due to the difficulty of these spindles.

To repair a motorized Fanuc spindle can be a more in-depth process when it comes to sensors, encoders, proximity switches, thermistors and various other electronics. Motor City Machine Tool owns highly advanced equipment to test all aspects of your direct drive spindle to ensure it functions to the OEM specification. Our technicians balance all spindle components dynamically and statically. We are able to balance spindles so they are able to operate precisely for a long time.

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